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[RC] Hay Woes.. - Lucie Hess

Ok, I need some moral support.. I'm sitting here with newly cut hay in the 
field and watching it get rained on. My hay guy cut it yesterday afternoon.. 
Don't ask me why.. I had been watching the weather and knew we had a high 
possibility/probability of getting stormns and a lot of rain. 
So to say the least I was surprised to meet him on the road as he was leaving 
and I was goining to the house.
So it was cut late yesterday, around midnight we have a huge thunderstorm and 
it contines to rain all night and has rained on and off all AM.  So almost 12 
hours of steady and hard rain.. 

I'm feeling that my hay is ruined, and I'm just sick.  I had planned on having 
it  put it up in small square bales, for the horses.  I do have another much 
bigger field that isn't cut yet, but this is my higher quality hay, fescue, 
timmothy, lespedeza and some clover.  The lespedeza is thick this year.  I was 
looking for a significant yield.  

It may rain another day too, so if I can't get it to dry quickly, so that  I 
can put it into square bales,  should I just write it off? 
Roll it into big round bales for cattle, or just leave it in the field and turn 
the horses out onto it with the hay down as it is?  I had planned on turning 
the horses out as soon as the hay was  put up in the barn.
It's their summer pasture. 
My next question.. is it appropriate to be angry with my hay guy for cutting 
the hay when  heavy rain was predicted at over 50% chance???  I'm pretty 
unhappy, but if it's not reasonable to be unhappy about this.. I guess I'll 
need to "get over it".  Thanks for any info...

Columbia, Missouri
 NATRC Region 6
 AERC # 65 
 AERC Central Region
 OCER member



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