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[RC] Does anybody even bother to read the rules? (was: GPS Accuracy) - k s swigart

Barbara McCrary (an ex- AERC director mind you) said:

It has always been my understanding that a 4.5 mile
error was allowed. For example, a ride could be 45.5
miles and be considered a 50 mile ride. 45 miles or less
and it could not be considered a 50. I think measurement
has to be 1/2 mile over the nearest increment of 5 to be
considered the next highest mileage. The one exception
is on an LD ride, and it has to be a minimum of 25. That's
the way I remember it from my days as a sanctioning
director for the W region.

This is so clearly NOT what the AERC rules say (the salient points of
which I outlined in my previous post) in fact, the "exception" isn't
about LD rides it is about endurance rides which must be a minimum of
50.  LD rides of 22.5 miles can be rounded up to 25.

People, the rules are ON LINE:


So it seems to me that anybody who can post to Ridecamp about what the
AERC rules allow, could also check the AERC website and actually read
the rules before doing so.  And since this is Rule Number ONE, it
shouldn't take all that long to find it.

Is the idea that 45.5 miles can be "rounded up" to 50 miles caused by
illiteracy, laziness, or wishful thinking?

I don't get it.

Orange County, Calif.


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