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[RC] Nursing Mare losing condition (sorry for long post) - Jen Simons

OK, my friend's mare (who is nursing my foal) is losing weight pretty good (or is that bad?).  I'm feeling kinda guilty here. 
She is a breed that are very easy keepers (so much so that I have never seen a skinny one!).  They are like an Icelandic.  The foal is about a month and a half and growing fast, so she is really pulling nutrients off mom. 
Mom is already on 2-3 lbs Buckeye Gro N' Win per day.  She is getting several hours pasture per day (she is prone to founder so cannot get unlimited pasture!) and she is eating timothy hay (all my friend could get right now) - about 2-3 times more than the other mares of her breed (non-lactating mares).  Normally this would make for a very fat pony, but my foal seems to be using it all up.  Mare is quite sparky (took her out for her first ride today, with foal at side - no problem, wanted to go further!).  Everything else is great and her coat is looking fine.  She just needs more of something?!
Problem is, this breed is prone to getting "hot" with many of the extras other horses seem to thrive on.  Oats, corn, etc.. are a very bad idea!!!  I heard that oil is a good way to put some weight on, not get the "hot" problem, and still have a balanced diet. 
Problem is: how is it fed?  How much (Mare is approx 700lbs)?  What types of oil?  Canola/ soybean/ sunflower?  Anyone with experience on this?