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[RC] ridecamp - april

Ed said
My bottom line:  Let's all strive be civil at all times, but understand that
internet lists tend to be less polite than we would be in person.
I am mostly a lurker on ridecamp. although I know a lot about horses and horse camping, I am not yet an "endurance rider" :o) I do say something if I think I can contribute.
The first ride I went to, I impromptu volunteered at and asked everybody their name. I told several people that I wanted to put some faces with names from ridecamp. Multiple people blushed, muttered something about ridecamp being a place people let off steam, or did not act the way they do in person,  or they hoped I didn't judge them by how they talked on ridecamp, etc. Then several of them avoided me,lol.  So I quit mentioning ridecamp at real rides. Some of you are really really nice in person, polite, helpful, friendly. I choose to think that you are really that nice person who gets a little carried away on ridecamp. The alternative would be to blieve that you are that grouchy person who just fakes it in person. lol   "you" meaning if you think it applies to you it prob. does. :o)
back to lurking
maybe people will start remebering me when they meet me at a ride now,lol