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Re: [RC] [RC] Misquoting - Trailrite

Well, in Council, ID SW area, there is abundant water flows and it does go down hill into the Weiser Rivers (many forks to this river & the East Fork was through our ranch) then into the Snake River.  Never in 10+ years of riding in Council, ID did I ever see a wild horse or heard of anyone else seeing wild horses.  I used to pack salt with Jack Watson every summer and my daughter Charlene & Amy Dyer rode a lot at the OX ranch owned by the Dyers which spreads between Council and the Snake River and no wild horses there either.
Why do I feel I have to justify my life experiences with you Heidi?  I don't have the time to write a book about Cattle ranching and BLM permits and costs....I was just giving an outline of some of it. I used to be a small cattle rancher back in those days.....  No matter what the subject is...here you, Kat, Joe & Truman come, knowledge of all subjects....it makes people paranoid to respond to any subject on this list.  That's why there are 20 people talking and 1,000 people reading only....
Tammy Robinson
Trail-Rite Products
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Saugus, CA 91390
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In a message dated 7/20/2008 8:51:18 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time, heidi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:
I would hardly call natural waterways "abundant" on Idaho rangelands--although there are small creeks here and there, Idaho rangelands are high desert, and many of the creeks are dry later in the summer.  There are springs which can be utilized, but some of them are seasonal as well.  In many areas, water must be carefully stewarded in order to be used--by cattle OR by wildlife!
Also, although you may have had liver flukes near the Snake River at Council, they are not a common problem in most of Idaho, due to the desert conditions, and having pathogens passed downstream is not much of a problem, since most places don't have water that flows to anywhere else.

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