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Re: [RC] Misquoting - Barbara McCrary

Terry, the reason some of the public land (the parts that wild horses usually live upon) is not in private ownership is 1) it was too poor quality to be homesteaded in the first place, so the government took it and put it into, primarily, BLM control, and 2) now that it is in government hands, it is not for sale.  Furthermore, every time I see a sign that says BLM or Forest Service with "This is YOUR land", I think, "Yes, but it is controlled by YOU (the government agencies)" and it is beyond the public's reach for any kind of decisions.  I've attended many meetings that give lip service to public input, and in the end, the controlling government agency calls the shots.  I've seen firsthand, government agencies set fires, supposedly cleansing; remove roads, one of which was a remote community's secondary escape route in case of wildfire and to which they had a deeded right of way; and close off land that the agency felt people should not have access to.  One good thing that BLM allows is controlled grazing, because such use keeps invasive brush and weeds to a minimum.
We have a BLM presence in our area for the first time in history.  We're hoping they handle the land with some degree of common sense.  Presently, there is grazing, but otherwise the land is NOT open to "us,the owners of the land".  We are also hoping that in time, they will allow a plan to develop riding trails, which certainly can be compatible with grazing, but when that will happen, no one knows.  The wheels of bureaucracy grind ever so slowly.  I feel certain you will understand that some of us are more cynical than others, and why.
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Sent: Friday, July 18, 2008 12:51 AM
Subject: [RC] Misquoting

Excuse me, 
It is not OK to misquote/slander people on this site. I responded to a totally fabricated statement about me personally
"we need to kick everybody off of it, according to you."  because nowhere did I say/imply these words. 
Then came the quote "The land belongs to ALL of us." Well, that was the original topic.
And I have a right to the opinion that to me, that means we should all have the right to control it. If only a few are going to control it, then that is not really "everyone's" land. But I did not mention anything about loggers, miners, hikers or anyone else being "kicked off" our land.  Cattle was the only thing mentioned ~ because it entails fencing and affects wildlife management (not just mustangs).
Some people felt that the excess/public land in our country could be better managed by private enterprise, I asked rhetorically, why not SELL the public land to private enterprise so there would not be the issue of managing/controlling it. That is a legitimate topic of discussion, especially to endurance riders who might be interested in wilderness preservation.
Then these two conflicting quotes were made, again, neither by me, 
"oh, yeah--don't ride on it either, then--"
"you can't just claim it for YOUR use as a rider-"
So which am I supposed to be saying? don't ride on public lands ~ or ~ only riders can use public lands?
It seems like someone just likes to argue, because the "discussion" was not even understood.

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Subject: Re: [RC] Our land
Date: Thu, 17 Jul 2008 19:27:41 -0700

All, righty now-- stop it please.  Terry, stop pulling quotes out of context.  And Carrie, reacting to a message that was addressed to Terry makes you look bad.

Can we just GIVE IT A REST?  The whole wild horse thing?  Geez, once a year oughta be enough but we JUST did this!  I'd rather see packing pistols, loose dogs, or even GENERATORS than this--we're not gonna solve it here, and there are plenty of other discussion sites for this!

who admits to being grumpy because riding at all hurts too much

On Jul 17, 2008, at 7:04 PM, heidi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

Terry, the land belongs to ALL of us.  That means riders, ranchers, loggers, miners, hikers, EVERYBODY.  You can't just claim it for YOUR use as a rider--we ALL have a right to use it wisely.  We are ALL members of the public--and those who make a living on public land (and pay for the privilege of doing so) also serve the WHOLE public by what they produce.
By what magic is YOUR preferred use of OUR land more "right" than the uses to which it is put by other members of the public who "own" it just as much as you do?
(who not only rides on public lands, but also uses the products that are produced there by other members of the PUBLIC who "owns" it--as does Terry, even though she apparently isn't willing to admit it)

            Oh, yeah--don't ride on it either, then--after all, it's "our" land, and we need to kick everybody off of it, according to you.

Huh??? Where did you pull that from?   Riding on "our" land is what we should be able to do! Why do you ride endurance, if not for the wild erness experience? 


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