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Re: [RC] Fwd: Stop Plan to Kill America's Wild Horses - Barbara McCrary

Well, I know some folks are strongly against "corporate cattle ranchers" or "corporate farmers" or corporate anyone.  On the other hand, much of the ample food in the USA is grown by corporate "someone".  It's the word corporate that some people don't like.  That said, most of us are not starving like they did in Russia, for instance, after the 1917 Revolution and the communization of the country.  My grandmother and two aunts died of starvation there.  In the USA, I've never had a hungry day in my life, even if we were short of money.
Actually, if land were under the management of private individuals, it might well be in better shape than it is in "public" hands, providing of course that ranchers, et al are conscientious about their management and usage.  The land would be cared for and the rancher would pay taxes to the government, instead of the land NOT being taken care of and money going out of the government.
Some people argue that we don't need meat, but there are a vast number who still eat it; it has to come from somewhere, and the cattle have to eat grass to grow.  Lean meat is nutritious, and I know that not enough vegetables could be grown in this country, especially if they are grown organically, to feed our population.  Besides this, we are feeding a lot of other people in the world, too.  So I cannot empathize with your outrage about cattle grazing on public land.  Beside that, "our" lands are not so public, because the government can still prevent you from accessing it.  So it really isn't "our" land, is it?  If it were, we would be free to access it.
Oh, yes, one other thing...Cattle ranchers, like anyone else, must profit or why else would they grow food for the rest of us?  Anyone who produces or sells a product must profit.  It is the way we live, the way we pay our bills, the way we have money to buy horses and trailers and go on endurance rides.  In the communist countries, it was assumed that everything belonged to the government and the people would just work for the glory of the country.  It doesn't work.  People tend not to work if they see no benefit to themselves for their hard labor.  See above...about my grandmother.
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Subject: RE: [RC] Fwd: Stop Plan to Kill America's Wild Horses

What are private cattle ranchers doing profiting off OUR public land? Keep the horses ~ get rid of the cattle!!

Wild horses aren't free - Failure to enforce a 1971 law endangers the mustangs it was supposed to protect
2008, Los Angeles Times
June 2 - Under [the] law, horses are to be "considered in areas where presently found as an integral part of the system of public lands." Their management falls to agencies inside the Department of the Interior, primarily the Bureau of Land Management, which culls the herds based on the land's grazing capacity and what's required to sustain the wild horse population. But the government also balances the needs of horses against other uses of the range -- and that means corporate cattle ranching. Today, instead of being protected, mustangs are in danger of being "managed" out of existence.

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> Another link for Wild Horse Preservation . . .
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