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Re: [RC] [RC] Hickory Creek Sunday's 50 - D'Arcy Demianoff-Thompson

That is FANTASTIC and an inspiration to the rest of us 'not yet endurance riders' that there may be hope!  Especially with your finish time.  And under those conditions as well!  What do you feel contributed to such a great finish time for your first 50.  How did you feel when you finished?  What did you do first after you made sure your horse was taken care of? 
Where do you train in Waynesburg?  How is the weather out there?  How have your weather patterns been over the last couple of years for your training?  Are they normal or are you experiencing unusual weather as most of the country? 
Great information on the Easy Boot Epics and Bares. 
I'd be lucky to get in under 11:59!  And Ranelle would have to be pushing or dragging me across the finishing line.  Because you would be damned if I would get that far and NOT FINISH - even if I was dead!  Just kidding Ranelle but you have to admit it is a funny picture.

On Tue, Jul 15, 2008 at 6:38 AM, <labdoggy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
       Hickory Creek Sunday's 50

Ivan ( my 10 yr old morgan gelding)  and I FINISHED our first
50!!!!!  Yay!!!!!!!!
We slogged through the mud and the rain, crossed raging streams,
climbed and descended slick hills and finished!!!!!

Overall vet of A.......
Finished 7 of 9 that completed out of the 12 that started.....
Ride time of 10.25 hours!  Not to shabby if I say so myself!
And I'M not dead!  And neither is Ivan for that matter!

For those into the Barefoot or bare and booted.....
We had Easyboot Epics on the front and Easyboot Bares on the back.
Regardless of the SUCKING mud, rocks, and water.... they ALL stayed on
for the 50 miles.

Woo hoo!! I'M an Endurance rider now!!!!!

Lynn Brunetto
Waynesburg, PA


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D'Arcy L. Demianoff-Thompson

[RC] Hickory Creek Sunday's 50, labdoggy