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[RC] trot thread - rnbianchi

The difference I see in a "true" extended trot done by an experienced dressage horse and that done by endurance Arabs is seen from behind.  A dressage horse reaches forward with the front legs and pushes from behind with his rear end in a more tucked position with the legs tracking forward and back as they do in regular working trot.  But, the extensions I see in endurance horses shows a definite widening of the hind legs, which, if I remember correctly is a no no in dressage.   
When our little 14.2 mare gets into her "floaty" extended trot her gelding friends have to canter to keep up.  It feels like a down shift for more power in a manual transmission car.  All of a sudden you go from posting fast up/down/up/down to up-pause-down-pause-up-pause-down-pause, right up until she pulls her right front shoe off.... and then the left front.  I think the dressage people call it "travelling wide behind" and it isn't correct - whatever that means. ;-P