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[RC] LDs Are Different - FXLivestock

I consider that LDs are different from other distances.  LDs have a different finishing criteria than 50s or 75s or 100s.  LDs many times have different hold times than the 50s or the 100s even though they might be run on the same trail and at the same vet checks.  LDs are not awarded points and only receive mileage recognition.  To me, regardless of the history, this indicates a different event whether you are in the camp that considers these training or novice rides or whether you solely ride/race 25s by choice or circumstance.  They are not set up like other distances and many of these changes are "recent history" as LDs seem to have expanded from "training" rides.  I am sure someone will know the exact date that LDs changed the finish to having to meet a pulse criteria as opposed to just crossing the line.   LDs have their own award program within the organization and miles are counted in their own category.  That tells me that the organization DOES consider LDs different from endurance distances. Different does not always mean equal in terms of rules, recognition, or awards. 

For those of you that really would like to consider LD just a shorter version of endurance, are you all willing to compete in awards along side endurance distances?  I doubt that if this were to occur that very many LD only riders would ever get in regional or national standings or get any recognition at all if LDs were in the same mix as 50s and 100s.  If you really want equal let's go equal all the way.  No specific National or Regional LD awards for mileage, junior, BC, etc.  If LD is just a shorter version of endurance, I would readily support equality of LDers in terms of making a LD the same (placings, BCs, finishing) as other distances if we could get rid of all specific LD awards and recognition.  LDs could earn points. 100s get 1.5 points over 50s/75s so it seems that LDs should get fewer points...perhaps .5 or .75 per mile.  Now that would make it  "equal" if  you really consider LDs just another endurance division.

If you understand the history you would know that to make the changes you would like....redefining endurance... would mean changing the bylaws.   That is a fairly serious undertaking to accommodate a few that need to redefine the organization's definition of endurance so they can be considered "endurance" riders.  It's not just changing a rule or making a new rule.   We are all distance riders and why not just consider LD a distance event instead of insisting on redefining endurance.   I am a distance rider that mostly rides endurance, sometimes rides LD, sometimes does RAT, and has occasionally entered a CTR.

When I enter a 25K trail run I am not entered in an "ultra run" even though I may be "competing" on the same course with an "ultra run" competition.  I am not an ultra runner even though I do all my jogging on trails and may enter trail run competitions.

My experiences when I have ridden LD must be very different from those who seem to have a negative LD experience.  I have always received the same care from the volunteers and vets at vet checks as longer distances, have always received a completion award that is usually the same as longer distances. My completion is announced at awards in the same manner as the 50s or 100s.  I get to camp in the same area as the other distances.  I get to eat the same awards dinner as the 50s or 100s (except I may get to eat cleaned up because I finished earlier than 50s).  I usually pay less or the same as the other distances.  What I may not get is this.....  recognition of my placing and not getting to show for an AERC BC (but usually high vet score) at a couple rides.  But, I  accept the minor differences I have experienced because I do not consider LDs to be a shorter version of a 50 or a 100 mile competition.  If I did consider a LD the same as a 50, I would have a difficult time supporting any regional or national LD awards and recognition that are given by AERC.

I am at the point in this discussion where if you want to call LD a short version of endurance...let's do it if it stops the fighting. Let's change the bylaws. But, if we do let's just make 25s just another distance lumped into AERC"endurance" awards, recognition, etc.  This should make everyone happy because everyone is "equal" and points are awarded based on distance.  If it stops all the whining I would support this 100%.  Besides, all the money AERC saves on LD awards could go towards promoting a 100 mile program :)

Kim Fuess
AERC #6648

n a message dated 07/04/2008 6:52:09 PM Pacific Standard Time, dleblanc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

There you go with the straw man argument again. How about just treating
people equally? I've always found it ironic that someone can be a member of
the American _Endurance_ Ride Conference, show up for rides, and complete,
and still not be an "endurance rider". I understand the history, but
meanings change.

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