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Re: [RC] Advice on trucks..... - Michael Lewis

Fuel mileage largely depends on how you drive, frontal surface area of your trailer, terrain, and gearing of your rear axle.
I've found that towing at about 62-65 mph nets the best mileage regardless of which truck I use.  I see folks going way faster, and could certainly do so if I wanted, but I don't feel safe pulling the trailer above the posted speed limit and generally am happy to cede a few miles an hour in the name of safety and distance between me and whoever's in front of me.
Tire inflation on truck and trailer is critical, too.
As far as Cindy's brake question goes, it may be possible that bigger brakes are available for the F-250, but those probably will cost a few dollars.  Probably the best you can do, at a relatively inexpensive price, is to make sure your brakes are within recommended wear limits and that the entire system is otherwise up to date on its servicing.
There are some power mods available for the V-10 engine (chips/programmers, etc.) but I wouldn't go there, quite honestly.  As you can see I tend to be a minimalist when it comes to throwing money to improve vehicles and prefer simple maintenance... modifications and "improvements" get expensive quickly and can prove detrimental to safety/longevity of your truck.  You see folks with all kinds of gizmos on their trucks, passing everyone in town with huge trailers in tow, only to require very expensive repairs later... not worth it.  My cousin has done endurance all over the southeast for YEARS with nothing more than an old Dodge flathead six or an old Ford inline-six cylinder engine.  I think her 1994 Ford had over 250,000 on it a couple years ago, original engine.  She makes it to every ride and up every hill, with two horses in tow.
Just my $0.02, since you asked.  Flame suit on.
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Sent: Sunday, June 29, 2008 11:19 PM
Subject: [RC] Advice on trucks.....

>>>BTW - my 06 Chevy Duramax gets 13.5 MPG hauling.
My 1994 GMC with 175,000 miles gets a little over 12 mpg hauling...but I'm starting to be more concerned with how many miles it gets to the quart of oil! :-P The air conditioning quit working so I paid $90 for Fri-on (sp?) & some stop leak, since it was leaking it apparently. I had GREAT air conditioning for maybe...12 hrs. Guess the leak is bigger than they thought. So...no air, burning oil, radiator's leaking, radio only works on maybe one channel....but it's paid for! :-)

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[RC] Advice on trucks....., rides2far