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Re: [RC] Bathtub Water Tank - oddfarm

I boarded a horse at a barn that used an old cast iron tub. The edges were sharp on 3 sides (where it would butt up against the walls) and my horse backed into it. He cut his leg so bad I had to have him put down. I was just a kid but I have always felt guilty about that. I like the big RubberMaid ones but they will crack. The farm type metal tubs are good as the edges are rolled. I keep the water on a trickle for the trough because the horses can drink that up in just one sitting. So it is constantly filling.
For the dogs, I bought a kiddie pool last summer and they LOVE IT!! I keep the water at a trickle so it doesn't get hot and it is under a very shady tree. I bought some goldfish to put in it to keep the algae down, like I do for the horse trough. I put 5 fish in the pool and within 10 minutes the pups ate them all!! They thought it was some kind of Sushi bar. I would have never thought they could be that quick.
Lisa Salas, the Oddf aRm
I hate the Florida heat in May, June, July, August, September, October, November and most of December!!! Even the horseflies sweat here.
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>>>What's the best way to clean these up before use and how does one clean/keep them clean? 
I couldn't keep my dog out of mine and that sort of bothered me. The dogs would jump in and stand in it while they drank, and sometimes lay down. I had all kinds of chemicals on them for fleas so didn't seem like a very good arrangement. I always had to turn mine over to clean it and they weigh a ton. I switched to a stock tank. Lately I've been thinking about dragging the tub back out just for the dogs.

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Re: [RC] Bathtub Water Tank, rides2far