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[RC] Horse Quencher experience - Lisa Schneider

I bought the 10 pack of mixed flavors of Horse Quencher and have had lots of fun experimenting on my six endurance horses.  They come in little packets of individual servings, which is better than the bucket because their tastes can change and they seem to really like the variety. The consensus seems to be Apple and Peppermint as the favorites with Root Beer  a close third. I used Horse  Quencher on several  PS endurance rides recently (Lost  Padres and Californios) where temps were 90-100+ and it made a huge difference. I started using it after arriving at base camp  on Friday before the ride while the horses were at the trailer. I just put it in a second bucket next to their plain water so they had a choice.  They drank two whole bucketfuls of the HQ water in just a few hours so I just kept putting it in front of them as long as they would drink it. When they slowed down, I switched the flavors and they would start drinking again. They had terrific hydration all throughout the ride and finished better hydrated than ever in hot weather.


My husband Shel came up with the same concept of flavored water a few months ago by throwing a few handfuls of Complete Advantage into a  bucket of water after long training rides. That works too but as soon as the Advantage is gone, they stopped drinking. Also, some of our horses grow three or four hands (!) after eating that stuff so the Horse Quencher is definitely better.


I think this is a great product and not just for finicky drinkers. Other than needing a second bucket, there’s no down side.

--Lisa Schneider