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RE: [RC] [Consider This] Endurance riders told to clean up theiract/YOU GO GIRL! - Ranelle Rubin


I agree with you for the most part! If you read the entire article, they are also looking to increase equitation and education which is a wonderful thing. Whenever I look at these kind of decisions others make, I always ponder their motivation. There are two reasons I can imagine the physical image/dress code would be of interest:

1. They want the riders to "look the part of equestrians" in the media-to the public who will eventually pay to see these venues.

2. They want to be able to identify the crew for each rider, which is already being done in most high profile FEI rides.

I do feel that the level most of us compete will not be affected by any of this hoop-la. AERC, I don't feel, would ever implement these kind of restrictions..

I do like the French system of bringing a horse and rider into the sport, however. Check it out.

See ya on the way to Diablo!!

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Date: Thu, 19 Jun 2008 09:12:25 -0700
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Subject: Re: [RC] [Consider This] Endurance riders told to clean up their act
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You know what this is horse manure. Maybe they would like to pay for matching outfits. I know this is a rant but it really pushed a button. Even though I am a newbie I had ridden NATRC and left it because it became so regulated, nit picky and political that it was no longer fun. After all are we not doing this because we are having fun???? The way I look at it I would rather put my monies in to better feed, shoes etc than upgrading an image. What do you think???

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Subject: [RC] [Consider This] Endurance riders told to clean up their act
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Date: Thursday, June 19, 2008, 5:24 AM


The days of the "anything goes" dress code and riding style for endurance riders may soon be a thing of the past.

Any old riding gear and tack and sloppy riding may well make way for matching team clobber and smartened up athletes in the FEI's new "Triple E" three-year plan for bringing the image of the equestrian sport of endurance up to scratch.

But riders need not feel singled out - the image makeover will also apply to officials and their support crew.

The sport's image is under discussion at the highest levels, and delegates at a recent FEI Bureau meeting looked closely at implementing a dress code for riders and their support crew. Under the "Triple E" plan, the 'E' of the dress code comes under the "Elevation of Endurance Image".

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