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[RC] Hoof Armor - sherman

Hmmm,  maybe. My neighbor does say you can’t see it after it gets dusty, and that it does flake off quickly if it’s on too thick. I imagine Sue knows how to apply it perfectly for maximum wear.  I still wonder if Sue has to use it anymore, other than to satisfy ride management that she has hoof protection, because her horse seems to already have incredibly tough hooves.


Kat, is there any chance that it was still on your horses and you just couldn’t see it? Maybe it flaked off from being too thick, rather than wore off? I do know my neighbor says it lasts a few weeks and we have very rocky trails around here. I think she once rode the gravel rode from No Hands Bridge to Poverty Bar and return, so about 12 miles of solid rock, and it didn’t wear down. She’ll correct if I’m wrong J 


Sue, are you out there? Do you still feel you need to use the Hoof Armor? Or has it done it’s job in helping develop the tough hooves and now you go without?




Lysane wrote:

But she would be able to tell us if it stayed on or whether it flaked off. Although it can be hard to see on the hoof, if you wet it after a ride, you can see if it is still shiny (and still there) or if it is just hoof. I haven't done any super rocky rides or anything longer than a 25 (first 50 this weekend!!), but the only time it flaked off was when I first started using it and applied it too thick or did not clean the hoof well enough first.