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[RC] Descanso Ride - June 14th - Vchorsegal

A big thanks to Dave & Terry Wooley Howe for putting on another great ride !  The large army of volunteers really makes this ride happen.  The trail is beautiful, although rocky and hilly in places, so I usually find myself pacing very conservatively and enjoying the scenery. A large ( village sized ! ) tent turns a cow pasture into a nice little camp with plenty of comfortable shade to hang out in. There were about 50 or so riders in both the 25 & the 50 as well as a few teams in the ride & tie event.  13 of the 50's did not complete, the 25's did a lot better than that.  it got pretty hot & humid, in the 90's in the afternoon, so many opted to slow down. Fred Beasom & several other fine Vets were fabulous in getting many of the riders & horses checked through. Andreti really likes Fred's "carrot test " ( to see if the horse will eat a carrot ! ) It is nice to have Vets you can really talk to and learn from. I know it has helped me to be a more aware rider. Camp was very quiet and both nights cooled down great for sleeping, and getting through the first couple of hours riding on trail.
  It's always great to see old pals & catch up while cutting up fruit under the tent. Thanks again to everyone who helped out !  Happy Trails ! 
- Heidi Helly, "Grape  Sectioner  extraordinaire !"

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