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Re: [RC] Ride entry prices - Katrina Mosshammer

Angie here's a quick recipe that my mom created and we've been making at
rides for over twenty-five years. In fact one of our long time vets named it
"camp slop" in the middle of the night at a moonlight ride once. My sister
is too embarrassed to call it that so she calls it "poor man's chili" even
though I repeatedly tell her there is no chili powder in it. ;-)

Ingredients - 1 lb ground beef,  1 15oz can original ranch style beans, 1
16oz jar thick and chunky salsa (mild, medium or hot according to
ratio is 1:1:1 (you can increase to feed as many people as you want)

Brown the ground beef at home, drain it and stick in a ziplock bag or if you
want to cook it on the second day of the ride you can freeze it before you
stick it in your cooler. When you open the can of beans pour off the excess
sauce, but don't rinse them you want a little sauce. (that's way mom taught
me to do it but my sister insists that I'm doing it wrong and you don't
strain the beans, but the way she makes it it is a little more soupy than I
like but you can make it that way too :-) )

Then all you have to do is pour it all in a pot, heat and eat, although the
longer you let it sit the better it gets.


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Here's a recipe for anyone who thinks they have to have a nice meal.
Cook some chicken at home, dice it. Put it in a baggie in your ice chest.
Get to ride, sit a pot on your one burner that you screw on the top of a
propane cannister. Throw in a package of Lipton chicken flavored noodles
(79cents). Throw in the cooked chicken. Bingo. I prefer it over most cold
ride meals and can have it when I choose...which is usually after dark
whenI have my vet check set up.

Angie McGhee http://www.lightersideofendurance.com Work it harder, Make it better, Do it faster, Makes us stronger!


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