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[RC] drug testing in CA - Tx Trigger

I had a friend who worked for The State of California as a drug tester. Each week, she would have a long list of events, from rides, to shows that were potential ones to attend in her area. Her "boss" would then talk to her about which one (s) she would go to.  Testers had different areas, and at the time she was doing this, she covered up to about 125 miles away.  CA has testers all over the state, but they are also testing horse shows and sales and other horse events. They can not always attend every single event. But if I remember, an event can request testing. Maybe that has changed.  While CA horse people are charged the $5 drug fee at each event they attend, the cost involved for the test to be ran in the lab is FAR beyond $5. You have the salary (and mileage) for the one doing the testing, the shipping of the samples drawn to the lab, the fees involved for the actual test to be handled IN the lab. I personally wished every state handled the testing at rides, as the chances of a ride being tested are MUCH greater in CA than other states where testing is up to the organization.
And my friend was told to test "at random". It was up to her about how she picked her random horses. At shows, she would often pick a class, and decide that the 3rd place horse (or what ever) would be tested. Or the highest placing grey horse. What ever she came up with. At an endurance ride, I'd not be surprised to see the LD horses tested, as they finish earlier, and then the tester can go home <grin>. And she only caught urine in the jar. If she wanted blood drawn, she would ask the ride vet if they were willing to pull the blood for her.
It has been many years since this friend was testing, but I'd guess the state of CA still handles it much the same.