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[RC] Klickitat Trek 2day - heidi larson

Well, Klickitat was wonderful as usual!  The Milestone cast and crew couldn't have been more hospitable and the trails/camp/vet checks were fantastic! 


Day 1 was Autumn on her 22 year old rescue, Bev Ryan on her HUGE gelding and his 1st ride ever and Ash and I.  Seemed like the longest 30 I've ever ridden, but it could have been the jigging horse under me for 20+ of the miles and the last 7 miles we ponied one of the loose horses in to camp (not easy while riding a jigging nightmare - I'm sure some of you heard me cussing at my horse, he really needed the 80 on Sat!)  Bev's new boy did fantastic, did it barefoot and ate, drank, peed, crossed water, vetted through like the champ he's becoming!  Autumn's horse loves the trails, he's only 13.3 and has only been under saddle a couple years, but he is a dynamo out there with a HUGE trot and the prettiest head ever!  His CRI was like 36/40 and he came back for his BC judging with a 32 pulse!


Day 2 Autumn and I rode the 50 and thanks so very much to my friend Bev Ryan for letting Autumn get her first 50 ever on her great big pinto Cheeko!  We had a blast and got our money's worth, as we were out there nearly 11 hours.  It didn't seem like we were going slow, but we did stop to let the boys eat alot of grass along the way.  That orange and white section seems long, but is such a pretty trail, I think I like it even better than the canal (Flat + Ash = Idiot!)  We finished dead last, but we finished with fit horses.  About 40 miles in, I asked Autumn if she wished it was an elevator ride and she could bump it up to a 75 and she said "yep" practically before I finished the sentence!  Her friends came and helped us and helped a bit at the VC and had a really good time.  Thanks everyone who was so nice to them, especially the LeBlanc's for taking them to the outcheck on Sat.


Thanks again to Bev Ryan for entrusting us with her spotted baby.  Autumn took great care of him and worried over every grade on her vet card.  (An A- makes her worry!)  :)


heidi larson and Kalasha+