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Re: [RC] Saving money (was: entry fees) - rides2far

To be perfectly honest, I wouldn't post "share a ride" to just any random person. I'd prefer personal contact. First choice, recruit someone who lives very close. Get them into the sport and talk them in to going to a ride with you. It's handy, and you already know what you're getting in to. Also, you have an idea what their horse is like. I'm not too thrilled about putting my horse in with someone else driving if I don' tknow them well...and I'm not thrilled about putting a horse I know nothing about in my trailer with my horse. That said, I have quite a few people I'd be willing to haul with if they can stand to haul with me. :-)
On Mon, 2 Jun 2008 09:32:00 -0400 Mellifluous <brio_gal@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
My random thoughts on ridesharing aka horsepooling:
I would totally be up for horsepooling with people but I don't think that there are many people close to me.  Then again, I really don't know.  Can we use the website that Mr. Teeter has posted before to locate people that are close to us that don't mind sharing a ride?  I only have a two horse trailer but almost always go by myself so I have space for one.  Of course, that means tent camping and I don't know how many of those folks used to luxurious accomidations would want to ride with me. ;-)   I would also be willing to ride with someone else and if they were close enough, I could trailer to their place and then they would not have to come pick me up.
OK, time to stop thinking so hard.

> To: ridecamp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Date: Mon, 2 Jun 2008 08:28:23 -0400
> Subject: [RC] Saving money (was: entry fees)
> From: rides2far@xxxxxxxx
> I think the gist of this conversation is that we need to figure out how
> to still compete with current gas prices. Though I still like a cheaper
> entry fee and will skip a meal, the best way to make a real impact on
> your fuel cost is to pick up a hauling partner. I can save $8 to $20 by
> skipping a meal, up to about $60 by choosing one ride over another, but I
> could cut my fuel bill in HALF by being willing to share a ride. Though
> I still prefer to haul my 2 horse trailer, I finally bought a 3 horse
> goose neck and I can go cheaper if I'll pull that and find someone to
> fill that empty slot and share gas.
> I used to have two hauling buddies. We lived relatively close and were
> willing to share space.One was a junior, which was good because that
> automatically puts them out of the decision making process if there's a
> battle of opinions. >g< I think I have gotten used to bringing along
> hubby for a driver (takes up a paying slot) and just spreading out, but I
> come from a big family so I am pretty capable of cramming it all in
> again.
> There could be some upside to this. If we double up our campgrounds can
> hold more of these big rigs, we will socialize more, sometimes you learn
> you don't need to bring so much stuff, and what the heck, we'll cut down
> on our carbon footprint. >g< Maybe we'll even get busy and recruit some
> new locals to the sport. Can some of you guys *imagine* picking up
> another horse & rider on your way to the ride? If you do, you're going to
> have to start planning your packing like you were loading up the back of
> a 2 horse & a pickup again...and so are they! :-)
> Angie
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