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[RC] skyrocking hay prices - Tx Trigger

The locals who have already fertilized their hay fields for this years crop have told me the prices they paid THIS year were much, MUCH higher than  last year. All of the expenses for making that hay have gone up. Fertilizer, weed kill, and the fuel for the tractors to bale it, and the fuel to transport the hay. I think as our spring and summer hay starts really being produced in our part of the nation (Texas, near Dallas) we will see a huge increase of course, passed on to the buyers.  Just to have the neighbor bale my hay, he quoted me $2.00 per bale, about 60-65 pound 2 string bales. BUT, that quote was a guess, about 6 weeks ago. Fuel has gone up yet again, and I'd guess by the time I might be able to bale some of mine, it will be closer to $2.50 per bale. Now add in any fertilizer etc. that I put on it, and I will be paying I'm guessing close to $4.00 just to bale my own.  If one has their own equipment, of course that expense is lower. But then I am not making payments on those tractors etc.  I think we will be seeing a huge, HUGE price increase nationwide. And pray you do not end up in an area with a drought kind of year....
Jonni in TX