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RE: [RC] Rude Awakening - Ranelle Rubin

Thanks again, D'Arcy..

I rode again today in the heat with another friend of mine. Early last fall this friend wanted to ride with me as she had finally found her "dream grey mare". So, off we went to ride. She was riding in jeans and boots, and only wanted to trot a few hundred yards at a time. She insisted she was a "camel" and did not need to drink.

Fast forward about 9 months:

Today she and I rode about 25 miles in the heat, up very steep canyons, and moved out whenever the terrain would allow. We planned the ride to end in mostly shade, stopped and cooled the horses in water several times, and she listened well about drinking and eating. Sometimes I think a person has to learn to take care of themselves on a hot day to really understand what our horses go through. She now rides in tights, has lost at least 3 or 4 dress sizes, and is dreaming of her first ride. I am taking her next weekend on a 25 mile fun ride. When I watch her in front of me...staying in a nice easy smooth trot, sitting up straight, her mare working well under her, it gives me so much joy to know she can now ride anywhere she wants...and this lady is over 55, so never say never!

She has a Wiking daughter that is a wonderful athlete with quite a lot of promise.

By the way, D'Arcy..I personally don't like camel backs as they get really hot on your back and so does the liquid in them. I carry two bottles on my saddle, and on a hot day or when riding alone, two more in a fanny pack. I freeze two of them overnight. Even as hot as it was today, the last two bottles were still pretty chilled when I drank them.

Courage is being scared to death, but saddling up anyway. ~ John Wayne

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Subject: RE: [RC] Rude Awakening
Date: Sat, 17 May 2008 20:56:59 -0700

Well, far be it from me to help find ways to use implements!  However, I would much rather Ranelle had not gone through the trauma that resulted from my stupidity.


I have received several emails asking how I am doing today.   I am feeling better but it took all day for me to feel back to 100%.  It wasn’t until I went to water the garden, at sunset, before I actually started to feel that I was at 100%. 


I will have a Camel Pack in my gear along with a pommel bag to carry STUFF!  


Oh, and something else I learned yesterday, watching Ranelle.  She has a ‘natural’ sponge that soaks up water better than any other sponge I have tried to use.  So, I am replacing the sponge I have in netting with the long string to reach water while on horseback. 


I told Ranelle she needs to write a book with all of her the tips of the trade that she has.  Also, I would love to see her have a clinic taking newbies, like me, on a 25 and 50 mile ride to break us in RIGHT! 




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