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Re: [RC] [RC] stirrup leather length ? - Kathy Mayeda

Find a good Centered Riding or similar instructor to check on your body position on your horse.  Sometimes you could be habitually riding crooking so riding "straight" could make you feel caddywampus until your body memory gets used to it.  I wouldn't be riding with different stirrup lengths becasue that would only encourage more assymmetry.  Your horse could also be higher on one side than the other so the instructor needs to check that too!   Tru stretching your arm up and reaching down with your leg on the short side while riding and noticing if that makes you feel more even.
This problem is a lot more common than you think.  Unless I take instruction once in awhile, I go back to my old crooked habits.  If you have a notepad from the 2007 AERC convention, that's a behind shot of me on my grey horse at Cuyama XP.  I'm riding with a pretty good C curve to the left!   It's worth it to work on this issue because you could cause unnecessary stress on you and your horse by riding crooked for miles.

On Sat, May 17, 2008 at 3:34 PM, GP at the Fish Creek House <gp@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
greetings all another newbie alert ?

A little back ground.. .i'm using a specialized saddle on  gazi.. .sweat marks are even.. saddle fits dandy.  I  find that no matter what I do (and I've experienced this  with just about  every saddle i've had ) is that I need to make the left stirrup leather adjustment a tad shorter than the right or i feel caddywumpus.   I've done tons of yoga as well so stretching is part of the program for a long time.

Any one else adjust their stirrup leather lengths differently ?  Suggestions?
happy trails all
 cid and gazi

GP at the Fish Creek House
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[RC] stirrup leather length ?, GP at the Fish Creek House