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[RC] My Helmet Lesson - Patricia Israelson

Hi Paul,
I hope your bruises and scrapes are feeling better.  My helmet lesson was expensive!!!  I was in my pasture with my neighbor, learning how to hot wire my tractor so I could start it.  Ray got it started for me, I hopped back on my mare bareback to ride back to the house.  Troika started jigging,trotting, then cantering with me grabbing what I could and desperately trying to get my balance.  She zig-zagged through some trees,and I came off and hit my head on a tree. I don't remember much after that, just bits and pieces.  Suddenly there were lots of people and emergency equipment in my pasture.  I kept vomiting; someone took off my boots; someone else put a neck collar on me; my husband was suddenly there telling me he will see me at the hospital; there was a helicopter in my pasture and the wind nearly took the roof off of my hay barn; Somebody was stuffing something in my ears;  lots of vibrations; someone said, "Stay with me, we'll be there soon."; lots of people around me;  Florissant lights overhead; someone cut off my endurance ride T-shirt and my new bra (that pissed  me off!); IV's; loud, clanking  machines; large humming machines, everybody touching me; my head hurts; I just want to sleep, leave me alone please.  I spent four days in Neurological ICU with brain hemorrhaging, had one hell of a headache and double vision for weeks, and a $28,000.00 hospital bill plus a $6000.helicopter bill for a ride that I didn't enjoy .  Lesson learned:  I never get on my horses without my helmet on, and I do not allow anyone else to ride one of my horses without a helmet, which I will provide them with if they don't have one. 
Patty Israelson
Central Div.