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Re: [RC] [RC] Rc : Rc : Dubai Time - Maryanne Gabbani

I thought, like Angie, that amateurs were those who do things for the love of the activity while professionals were those who did it for profit. I'll bet if you totted up all the cash spent on endurance races outside the UAE to get Olympic accreditation, all the money spent on horses, all the money spent on training facilities and how much income it all has generated...in some odd way, it would make them the amateurs. What a horrendous thought.

I don't think that amateur/professional labels fit here. But maybe obsessive pursuit of imaginary victories is viable?


On Jan 13, 2008 5:52 AM, < rides2far@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

.That is the quintesential difference between
> amatuerism and profesionalism  ,without any name throwing Angie !

Thank goodness they allow drugs to avoid ulcers while going through a
totally unnatural hellish careerlong training regimine to eventually
allow some Ass to stand on the podium intstead of the horse.  (Is that
what you mean by namecalling? :-))

By the way....I always thought a "professional" was someone who has made
money at something.  Do you think these guys are making a profit?  I've
actually made a profit with horses before so I might have to insist that
you call me the professional...and them amateurs. ;-)



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Re: [RC] Rc : Rc : Dubai Time, rides2far