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Re: [RC] India? - Linda Marins

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From: "Lynn White" <lynndeepoo@xxxxxxxxx>

John Teeter wrote: "Steph is off to India and I fear
for her ability to by a ticket home!!!"

After eating a couple curries and riding a Marawi
horse, Steph may not want to come back to the snow of
Owhyee County!

Steph, please, please, please let us know if you get
to ride one of these super cool horses. They look like
they'd be awesome at endurance. 

I'll be thinking of you as I am riding through the
drifts of snow...then I'll go in and eat some lamb

I'm re-reading "The Far Pavillions," and it looks like
Rajasthan is actually Hindu, not Mogul (i.e., vegetarian
and not Islamic beef + sheep OK).  Desert, too; not the
river-watered steppes of the Punjab.  Rajasthan (the
land (stan) of the kings (raj)) was not part of the
British Raj (at least c. 1870's when "The Far Pavillions"
is set), but a patchwork of tiny still-independent
Hindu principalities.

My best local Knoxville "Indian" grocery The Apna
Bazaar was actually owned by Pakistanis.  They recently
sold out to a Hindu family.  Subsequently, all of my
favorite DEEP frozen meat entrees (Chicken Navrhatam--
yum!!) have disappeared from their freezers.  DEEP
(www.deepfoods.com) is actually headquartered and
the food manufactured in New Jersey. :-)  One of the
by-products of the Bangalore out-sourcing revolution
is that many more southern Indian folks (Hindus) are
now immigrating into the US where before most "Indian"
immigrants were far north-western "Indians," i.e.,
Islamic Pakistanis.

Anybody else notice how many participants in the
UAE 3-day 240km race had "Khan" as the suffix to their
name?  As much as I can piece together, "Khan" (as in
"Ghenghis Khan" and latterly "The Agha Khan") is an Islamic
status-honorific used throughout the belt of territory that
includes Pakistan and the hill country that borders
Afghanistan, where You-Know-Who is believed to be
in hiding.  I wonder if the 240km "Khan" participants were
imported upper-class educated guest workers having fun
in the local races.  Or part of the leftover petty kingship,
pan-Islamic, OPEC oil billionaire Good Ole Boys Club
getting in on the latest peer status-symbol.

And I agree with Lynn.  I want pictures.  *Lots* of
pictures.  And links.  *Lots* of great links!

Linda Marins
Who Doesn't Actually Know Diddly-Squat about Rajasthan!


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[RC] India?, Lynn White