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RE: [RC] [RC] Caution around trailheads - Mellifluous

I encountered a strange character at Watson Mill Bridge State Park.  Thankfully, my horse is more alert than I am and picked up on him way before I noticed him.  He was walking on the horse trail and was wearing dressy pants with loafers and a big bulky jacket.  His posture was very threatening and he glared at me.  Thankfully, my mare took the opportunity to act like a fire breathing paso and stopped her leisurely trail gait and started prancing and snorting at him as we went past.  I made sure and kept my eye on him until he went out of sight.  I stayed alert for the rest of the ride.
On another note, I thought this was interesting as it relates to the young woman that was murdered here in GA.  This was forwarded to me by one of my buds that works on the CONF.  Pretty scary.
> I am sure you have all heard about the hiker who went missing on New
> Year's Day and the guy who is in custody for kidnapping her. Her body
> was
> found today and I am sure they will be charging him with her murder. He
> is
> also suspected in several other murders in Florida, North Carolina,
> and
> Georgia.
> I wanted to tell you all about what happened to me so that you will all
> be
> aware of who you talk to and to pay attention to your "something is
> weird
> here" radar.
> The day before the girl, Meredith Emerson, went missing, I was hiking
> on
> the same trail on BloodMountain. I saw the man who is suspected of
> killing her and I talked to him for about 10 minutes. He asked me if I
> was
> alone and if I had a cell phone. It wasn't particularly odd that he
> asked
> me those questions, because he worked them into the conversation. My
> radar
> did go off because he is very strange.
> I didn't feel like I was in danger because I was with a group that I
> was
> hiking ahead of when I encountered him on the trail. I'd like to think
> I
> wouldn't have talked to him if I was alone, but I probably would have-
> just to be polite. He was most likely 'shopping' me as a victim. He was
> walking very quickly ahead of me as we talked and I walked more quickly
> to
> be able to hear him and continue the conversation. I kept looking back
> to
> make sure I could see or hear my group. When the trail split, he went
> the
> other way than we did. My husband noticed that when we got to the
> bottom
> of the trail, the suspect, Hilton, was behind us. I don't know if he
> doubled back to see if I was alone or not.
> That encounter was a little too close to home. I always try to be
> friendly
> and polite, but I've found that is not such a good idea. Who cares if a
> stranger thinks you snubbed them?
> Just keep in mind that the world is full of bad people and that they
> are
> very good at manipulating situations to get you involved with them.
> Be safe and listen to your gut! "Stranger Danger" applies to grown-ups,
> too.
> Nancy

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