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[RC] shoes and feet issues - oddfarm

I remember my Mom in law taking my daughter and I shopping for her first pair of real riding boots. Allison wanted some Ariats so we went to a local tack store. I had no idea what size boot she wore because she was always in flip-flops. She was probably about 11 or 12 years old. Well, the sales lady sized her feet and found boots to fit her. She put them on and came around the corner to show me and the first thing I thought was, "My word, they are going to look like torpedoes on the sides of her horse!". Her feet were almost as long as her legs!! Luckily, her feet stopped growing but her legs didn't.
Anyhoo, I have the wide padded stirrups but my feet have gone numb lots of times. While looking at the "latest and greatest" in running shoes I came across these. http://www.newtonrunning.com/
I have run in Asics for years but I thought what the heck, I'll try them. Well, turns out I am really a heal striker so this shoe isn't the best for me. But, these shoes have been real comfy for riding. I haven't experienced any numbness with them but I haven't done a 50 in them, either. I did run in them on a 15 miler and they felt great.
At the time I bought them they were not available in stores yet and were pretty pricey. I wrote the company and told them even with the socks, the extra set of laces and the nifty bag they were nice, but not worth the hefty price. However, I just saw in a running mag they are now in stores so I hope the price has dropped. If it has, they might be worth a try.
The money we spend on gear and "stuff" so that we can be "comfortable" while we torture ourselves is kinda dumb :)  We may not be the smartest ones in the saddle, but we can stay in the saddle longer than anyone else. Pppphhhhhpt! So there ;)
Lisa Salas, The Oddf aRm