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[RC] Malibu, part 4 - Nancy

True to his word the farrier, Ed Spitzer was waiting for us with his grandson and work truck.  First we pulsed down within several minutes and a few sponges of water.  I was feeling really beat up and Lynne Glazer was so kind and held Jazzi while she ate and had 2 back shoes replaced.  I found some food and drank water, Gatorade and more water at Lynne’s motherly advice.


Jazzi ate and ate and ate.  She drank well too and ate her electrolyte cookie happily.   She vetted out fine, sound and strong.  Then the vet told me if I had any thing that made me feel my horse would not make it back I needed to pull now as the ride back to camp was just as brutal as the first part.  Tears of relief flooded my eyes, I did not have to finish. Jazzi’s tripping was horrible and I knew she would hurt herself or me if we continued.   It was better to pull now and not get stuck were they could not trailer us out.  I saw my daughter’s smiling face in my mind and knew it was the right thing to do.


Suzanne understood, but Dancer did not.  She had a time of it getting him to go, but they did in fact finish and claimed the turtle prize with 6 minutes to spare.  She was very frank with me, “You would have been so miserable.  I had to trot everything, all the down hills.  It was the right thing for you to do, even if I had to get after Dancer.”


As we waited for the trailer to take us back to camp Jazzi’s back dried out.   Once dry, new hair loss and a small raised area just behind her left wither became apparent.  Her back was very sore to the touch.  I was thankful to know the reason for her tripping, but mad at my self for not discovering it earlier on our training rides.  I felt horrible and responsible for the pain Jazzi suffered.  Lucky for me Jazzi is a kind and forgiving horse who has always tried to please me.  I am grateful to be owned by such a sweet and honest mare.


Of the 47 starters in the 55, 11 were pulled.  Most of the pulls were for lameness, two had metabolic issue, but no treatment was needed.  The 25 milers had similar statistics.  I have an appointment for Jazzi with a saddle fitter.  I am happy to report Jazzi did very will with the electrolyte cookies, no strange sweat patterns.  I will never leave my glasses in my crew bag again.  I will get a wind up alarm clock for the RV and use it.  Breakfast for the rider is as important as breakfast for the horse.


Every ride has taught me things.  I am thankful for the lessons of Malibu; I will be a better rider because of it.  Am I sad I did not finish?  No, some days are like that.  Life is not all cherries and ice cream.  I am grateful Jazzi was not injured.   I am thankful the vet sensed I had a problem and gave me permission to pull.  Will I attempt Malibu next year?  Maybe, if the Gods find it in their hearts to let me try again, I may do just that.


Nancy Reed

Lazy J Ranch

  In loving memory Jerry Gradisher, 1961-2006

Elfin Forest, CA