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[RC] Hurried Colt Syndrome and racing - Beth Leggieri

One of our horses in past years was an Appendix, bought as a young 4-yo.  After bringing him home and observing a definite case of Hurried Colt (Child) Syndrome (that we never were able to surmount), I called AQHA to get his race record.  Indeed, his first trip out the gate preceded his second birthday by several weeks.  So this colt was put in training at ?? age to have him out the gate before he was yet two.  It explained a lot and gave me new appreciation for what's asked of these youngsters . . .
What I learned from that experience is to always check race records (with the registry) of horses before considering them for dates, frequency, etc..  However, we no longer consider OT horses from either AQHA or the Jockey Club so this is now a moot point, taking this stance simply as an _expression_ of outright disapproval of their methods.  Not that it is even a drop in the bucket as protest significance.  And after the disgusting public relations show put on by the Barbaro circus, I decided that I could no longer follow the TB show so  I was spared the scene this past Saturday.  Several non-horse people have asked me since then about the Derby events, and it did give me an opportunity to explain the industry. And I was so pleased to offer AERC's stance on minimum age for LD to counter  early use of youngsters in the racing industry.  So if nothing else this past Derby has increased the general public's awareness of the problems in the TB (and AQHA) racing industry and opened a window for positive PR for the American version of endurance. 
Beth in Texas

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[RC] Kentucky Derby, k s swigart