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Re: [RC] AERC VS FEI Racing - Barbara McCrary

I think that's a great idea, Tom...the team effort concept.  And I agree that it makes a different contest that way.  I remember in an FEI ride in Holland (?) when Becky Hart could not continue to race, so she slowed down and walked (on foot) in order to help her team finish.  I may have the details wrong, but I do remember that this consistently winning rider sacrificing her personal wishes for the needs of her team.  Pretty impressive.  The team concept could easily be used in any AERC ride, based only on the ride manager's plan for the day; or it could become part of the AERC program.
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From: Tom Sites
Sent: Friday, May 02, 2008 5:01 AM
Subject: [RC] AERC VS FEI Racing

I'm old enought to know that i never raced in AERC or FEI.  The best i ever did was a 2nd and BC and i was happy w/ that even if i didn't 'win'.
This discussion has been ongoing for years and i doubt it will ever stop until AERC-International is evolved into FEI and away from AERC.  The costs, the hassles of passports and the stress of competing is enough to turn me off in my old age.
What i really like about FEI that i wish AERC would consider is the Team Standings.  There is a differrent mind set in that in that you first have to finish to help the team.   Strategy plays more into the game than just going hell bent for leather,  and well i just like the whole concept.
In AERC i have seen people race for t-shirts and bragging rights.  In AERC i have seen people race to the point both horses are forever done for the sport never to be seen again for a first to finish.
So FEI may not be my cup of tea anymore but i've sure seen enough  in AERC to not be in a position the call the FEI kettle black.  They outright call it a race so there can be no misunderstanding of what to expect.  With AERC there are the racers and and the plodders and the ones just going to finish and the ones just trying it out.
So, i'll sum up my position again.  AERC and FEI are different parts of the same sport and need to find their own space to grow and mature seperately. tom sites

[RC] AERC VS FEI Racing, Tom Sites