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Re: [RC] electrolytes/colic/high HR - Don Huston

Hello Kathy,

I have had 2 minor episodes similar to yours on 2 different horses. They never happened again and I was never sure what happened but I did make some changes after thinking things over. The first episode was12 years ago. The horse had been vaccinated 10 days before a race and I suspected that that was what caused his problem. I also remembered that my horse tended to sweat way more than normal for 7-10 days after being tranquilized for dental work etc. So I decided to never do an endurance ride any sooner that 3 weeks after vacs or a tranq.

The other episode was Jan07 with my horse that I have been riding for 8 years with no hint of metabolic issues. He always eats well and loves to snack on leftovers at the vet checks. I always keep an eye on what he finds to eat but this time he stopped eating before lunch was over and I didn't think any thing was wrong. We finished the 50 but he didn't seem right and instead of rolling he just laid down and looked like he had a gut ache. The next 2-3 hours I watched him get better and thought over the days events. I remembered he was eating some beetpulp mash at lunch that was sticky (does it do that normally?) and I made him quit but maybe not in time. It wasn't too long after that that he quit eating. So I have decided to limit his snacking on leftovers to dry stuff, no sticky mash that might be going sour.

Since both of your horses seemed to be affected I would not suspect ulcers or stones. I would suspect something that you did to both horses like vacs or something you fed them. Wouldn't it be easier if they could just TALK?

Don Huston

At 11:44 AM 4/30/2008 Wednesday, you wrote:

My daughter?s horse, Shadow, also had her first metabolic issue at a ride.
It was the first hot ride day of the year, we kept HRs around 120 unless we
were climbing, which we did at a walk. She was eating and drinking well, was
electrolyted 1/2oz Enduramax powder (mixed with apple sauce) before the ride,
at the 17, 30, and 40 mile checks, always on the way out so as not to
interfere with eating and drinking. As we were leaving the last check and 30
min hold, we hosed the horses necks and shoulders, grabbed a few more bites
of hay, then Shadow suddenly tightened up her belly and started doing a
little stagger. We quickly got her to the vet, he detected no gut sounds,
gave her a shot of banamine, and 15 min later she wanted to start grazing
again. I waited with Tara for Jim to come with the trailer to take the horse
to a clinic, but during the additional hour wait, she continued eating and
now had gut sounds, so we just took her to the end so vets would be
available if anything else happened?it didn?t. The vet had drawn blood to be
able to analyze it if further treatment was needed, said it looked thick,
like maybe she was dehydrated, but she?d been drinking LOTS all day, but did
not drink well the night before.


Don Huston
donhuston @ cox.net
SanDiego, Calif

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