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RE: [RC] Supracore Pads - TypeF \(Jackie Floyd\)

I put a lotta miles on a Supracor pad in 2004 and never had any problems. I
also put a lotta miles with a Dixie Midnight pad under a Skito and never had
any problems. Both on two different horses. What I can't do is use a wool
pad on Tank ... He has a total shit fit. It took me only two rides to figure
it out. Then it dawned on me why he hates his raincoat to much ... It's wool
lined. Poor guy. 

Jackie Floyd

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Thanks.  So far, including private emails, I have 3 out of 3 saying that
these pads didn't work for them.

On Apr 29, 2008, at 1:11 PM, Debbie Parsons wrote:

Like Don, I too had friction issues with the Supracor. It worked great 
on one horse for conditioning rides and on his first few 50s but when 
I did a 100, forget it. He got very sore from friction rubs under my 
seat area. I got hair scurfing days after the ride from the friction 
and that area was hot and sensitive like a burn. On another horse, 
even the shorter rides caused problems. I think it was due to saddle 
movement across their backs, despite what appears to be well fitted 
saddles. The Supracor pad just rode along with the saddle movement, 
resulting in friction. My best luck with pads has been using a 
Woolback pad or real sheepskin. I've pretty much given up on the fancy 
and not so fancy synthetics for other than very short rides. Love the 
ease of care of the Supracor and I'd still use it for short rides but 
had I known I'd have problems like I have with it, I'd have spent the 
money on a couple of Woolback or sheepskin pads instead.



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Re: [RC] Supracore Pads, Beth Walker