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RE: [RC] [RC] Texas Bluebonnet Results? AKA The Weird Thing About Doing 100's - Kristen A Fisher

Lisa was 2nd and high vet score, Chris was 3rd. Ann McFarland and the 2 juniors she took on were 4-6. Bridgette Caperton was 7th and Jean from New Mexico was the turtle – it was said she got a little off trail in the dark but got it corrected and came in with a minute to spare!


It was great to meet Paul who of course is legendary on RC and in EN – hopefully next time you come to TX your luck will hold for another 10 miles.




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Yes, Darolyn and Mercy won and BCed...I heard Mercy looked really good.  That is a very nice little mare...I like the way she's put together.  Chris Lewis and Lisa Skalski came in 2nd and 3rd (not sure who was 2nd, who was 3rd; they were together).  Anyone know who the stalwart was who finished at 5:29?  Good for them for sticking it out and completing...now that's endurance!!!!  Bear and I finished our first 100 there at 5:10 in 2006, and I thought our record for long would stand for years, but I think someone broke it the very next year.


Ann Goolsby took a bad fall and pulled RO with a bruised back and neck; Kris Anderson pulled RO or RO-M with a tired horse and inverted CRI with 2 loops left.  Todd H. (he's already posted) pulled with his mare having a mild colic that quickly resolved (whew).  Not sure of the other pulls.


Congrats to everyone who completed and to those who gave it a good try as well.  I hope to be back with y'all next year!


Dawn Carrie (who made it through the 50 on double doses of codeine)


On 4/28/08, Paul <Paul@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I was at the Texas Bluebonnet ride last weekend at the LBJ Grasslands. It was very nice. If you have never been there, it might surprise you. It is in Texas. We never saw a Bluebonnet. There were loads of other really pretty flowers, but not one Bluebonnet to be seen. Also if you have been to Texas and seen the areas of endless miles of open brown grass rangeland, you might think the LBJ National Grasslands would be this type of country. It isn't. It is probably 50% wooded with meadows. It was really pretty and green. Ride management and volunteers did a great job.


Anyways. I briefly saw part of both the 25 mile and 50 mile award meetings. Unfortunately this was at my 30 minute vet checks for the 100, so we didn't stop to listen. Who were the top 50's?  What were their times?  I know they were flying early, as about a dozen of them passed all the 100's at the 18-20 mile mark of the first loop. (We had an hour head start). They were running about a 2 hour pace for the 26 mile loop. I heard they slowed down later and had a few pulls but no details. How fast did the 25's go? Heard there were over 70 of them.


It struck me as being really strange as a 100 rider to start riding before the rest of camp was awake and then during our early loops seeing the early pulls from the 25's and 50's already leaving camp hauling home. Then later we came in while the 25 awards were going on, and still later we were vetting again when the 50's were having dinner and awards. During the ride we constantly saw folks packing up and leaving. By the time we finished, almost everybody was asleep or gone. At 8:00 am the next morning the 100's had awards in a mostly deserted camp.  It is really weird to be at a ride and not have a clue as to how it turned out. You see people you know before the ride. But they have gone to bed or gone home by the time you finish, so you don't know how they did. They had a Result Board for the 25's and 50's , but it was put away by the time we got done.


Here is what I remember of the 100 results. (I was zonked out and this may not be really accurate) 14 starters. 8 completions. (the last at 5:29 am). Darolyn Butler on Mercy finished first and got BC in about 12 1/2 hours. Kris finished 3rd. (I forgot her last name) Anne Mc Farland finished 4th and had two Juniors with her.. We got pulled at  90 miles (aw crud)..


Paul N. Sidio


Spokane MO


[RC] Texas Bluebonnet Results? AKA The Weird Thing About Doing 100's, Paul
Re: [RC] [RC] Texas Bluebonnet Results? AKA The Weird Thing About Doing 100's, Dawn Carrie