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Re: [RC] Just say "no" to nature - Barbara McCrary

I tend to see things your way, Lisa, but one reason we are so overpopulated is that we have learned to prevent childhood diseases that took large numbers of children in their infancy and early years.  Then we learned to cure all sorts of diseases that killed adults.  We also learned to prevent women from dying in childbirth.  We make huge efforts to save every human, no matter what condition he/she might be in.  We have a hard time allowing death to be a part of the human condition.
Personally, I'm glad that I can live to be a nice ripe old age and still be healthy, where a few generations back, my gender was dead at 40 from too many children, too much work and incurable diseases in general.  Unless we are all willing to go back to those days and those circumstances, I'm afraid overpopulation is going to be a problem always.
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From: oddfarm
Sent: Monday, April 28, 2008 10:08 AM
Subject: [RC] Just say "no" to nature

OR, 20 years of "progress" with 2nd, 3rd, and 4th generations of humans having no fear of running out of spaces to BUILD! When the wildlife is hunted just to keep it out of HUMAN space, (which we are piggish about), where will it end?? Why do you think the cats are so hungry? Could it be that we hunted everything they ate? Nooooo. All those rabbits and turkeys,deer, coyotes and wolves were there for HUMAN hunting, not another animal's food source. People NEED to have deer heads on their walls, for crying out loud! Shoot, people pay BIG bucks to live "out in the wild" you know, be a part of nature. They just don't want the wild in their backyard. Only on their walls. Go figure.  
Why not just carry guns when we ride in the woods and shoot all the nuisance wildlife that spooks our horses! That way, the lions and bears won't even have a chance at coming into our back yards. Then we can hang'em off our trailers!
Yea, that's the ticket.  'Cause THAT must be what it's all about. The "It's all about me!" generation.
Now, let's do move on. I am in an ornery mood and might not be able to hang 'til happy hour :)
Lisa Salas, the Oddd fArm who is SICK TO DEATH of progress! I have to drive an hour and a half to find grass to ride on. I drove along the beach last night and NEVER SAW A GRAIN OF SAND, OR THE SUN SET BECAUSE OF ALL THE STINKING CONDOS!!!!
Oh my, it's gotta be happy hour somewhere. Bottems up :)

[RC] Just say "no" to nature, oddfarm