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[RC] Mt. Lion attacks - Kathie Ford

That is very sad and scary and I wouldn't want it to happen to my own at all.  However they are here all over Calif.  Once again, very ironically timely post (just like the bear topic) as at the American River Ride on Saturday just after I left to go back to Auburn (from Cool VC) my husband said a rider came in; he didn't know if it was a sweep rider or whoever, but the person said a Mt. Lion was spotted on the trail about a 1/2 mile out and for riders to be careful.  As far as I know all riders had no issues w/wildlife that day (except for abig old rattlesnake in the road just prior to the skatepark coming into Auburn in the am..) and I don't think the cat was spotted again. I was surprised however, that it was out in the open in the middle of the day.  Maybe Dawn can kick in here on that for more info.
Still, part of the environment. As Dawn says, carry pepper spray and I believe she also has mentioned, put your animals in at night if you can. She also had what I thought was a good idea to draw eyes on your horses rear end...I guess you must have to have some artistic abilities though!  She can elaborate on that...:)
Also, Dawn, if you are reading this post this am, best wishes for Apache to get better!  Sorry to hear he was ill.  For those who don't know, Apache is Dawns Mt. Lion she has cared for for years, and in his young years was incorporated into her education program.

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