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Re: [RC] Advice for a friend - Beth Walker

How quickly it heals depends on what got hurt. ?The thought that popped into my mind is that, since they don't know how long he stood like that, they also don't know whether he did any struggling and pulling. ?Struggling in a hay net could very well have pulled tendons and/or ligaments.

My advice would be to have the horse seen by a vet, and go from there. ?I don't know your friends situation, or what the vet offers, but I would certainly have him checked to see whether he pulled anything. ? ?An ultrasound will give you additional information, and tell you whether you are dealing with an actual strain or "blunt force trauma". ?

I would advise against the show this weekend, in any case. ?As for how long for healing - again it depends on what got hurt. ?Anything to do with tendons takes time. ? I have a great example.... sigh ....

Caisson has a "blunt force trauma" injury to his splint bone area. ?Best guess is that he did it the beginning of February when he tripped and nearly fell into a water tub. ?I had him checked when we got home because he seemed to have a little bit of filling on the right fore (no lameness). ?The vet did a ?standard lameness exam, but didn't find anything at that time. ??

He had February off, then an 8 and 10 mile ride one weekend with no problems. ?We did a 15 mile ride the following weekend, and was too much -- he got some tendon filling on March 15, and was sore to palpation - six weeks after the ride. ?One month recuperation, followed by 45-day rehab program -- and that is without any actual damage to the tendons or ligaments themselves: the ultrasound showed they were clean. ?The filling was around the outside of the ligament, and x-rays showed the inflammation around the splint bone.

On Apr 28, 2008, at 5:12 AM, Beth Leggieri wrote:

I received this post this morning from a h/j friend.? Wondering if anyone has any experience with this?to offer (other than the obvious -- use caution with haynets, which I'm pretty sure they have figured out).
So we took Stuffy to a horse show this weekend and he managed to put his leg through his hay net.? We don't know how long he stood with his leg in it (it was hiked about a foot from the floor), but apparently he's swollen from knee to ankle (his left front).? No cuts, just swollen.

Any tips on healing that up quickly?? She's been putting ice on it twice a day.? I thought if anyone might have some good ideas it would be you.? I don't think she's called the vet. We unfortunately have the horse show I'm riding him in this weekend.?
I told my friend I would "ask Ridecamp" as this group is a treasure trove of practical advice and common sense.
Thanks, Beth in Texas

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[RC] Advice for a friend, Beth Leggieri