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RE: [RC] Wild Horses - heidi

That is why they are called the Bureau of LAND Management - because just  
about the only thing the government CAN manage is an inanimate object - and 
don't do THAT well. Notice they are not the Bureau of WILDLIFE Management.  

Sandy, you raise an important point here.  The BLM is charged with protecting 
the LAND, and the resources it represents.  Managing the feral horses can be a 
real headache to them, and often their hands are tied by people who don't 
understand the dynamics of how a livestock species left unchecked can damage 
the land and ruin the habitat not only for other species but for themselves.  
Wild species are controlled by hunting--when they begin to be overpopulated, 
more tags are sold.  Domestic species are subject to tight regulation--only 
allowed on the land during the seasons when the land can handle them, and only 
allowed in numbers that the land can handle.  Only the feral horse is not 
subject to either hunting or regulation--and the feral horse is one of the most 
damaging species on the land.  Although the adoption program is one attempt to 
manage the horses, there are a limited number of adopters.

Lisa, it appears that you have at least grappled with other solutions--kudos to 
you.  That is something the original poster did not seem to be willing to do.  
You clearly have faced the hard reality that simply leaving the horses out 
there to destroy the resource and then starve is not a viable solution, no 
matter what you think of the BLM's efforts.



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