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Re: [RC] Wild Horses - Barbara McCrary

It may not be the BLM's fault.  The way I hear it, many state and federal agencies are hamstrung by the "bleeding hearts" (as Lisa called them) who will not think twice about suing the state or feds if they don't like the former's plans, decisions and programs.  Around here, there are folks who will cheerfully sue the state parks system for some perceived infraction.  Therefore, nothing truly productive is allowed to happen.
An example is trails in our nearby state park.  One particular trail is disintegrating, year by year from erosion, yet no one is allowed to restore and protect it because it is in a "wilderness" area that precludes the use of mechanized equipment.  I don't see hand crews doing the work needed on 6 miles of steep terrain.  A good trail machine with a skilled operator would do a beautiful job of restoration.
There are also trails that could be opened to use...old skid roads and current foot trails that need attention, but the park folks are not allowed to touch these without various permits, etc.  Progress is so bogged down in bureaucracy that it is brought to a standstill.
As for excess numbers of wild horses, the public is reaping the results of closing the truly practical management tool...herd reduction via the dog food can and the table in France.  If the unsuspecting public has been taught that cattle grazing is destructive to the ranges, they haven't seen what an over-population of horses can do.
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That is why they are called the Bureau of LAND Management - because just about the only thing the government CAN manage is an inanimate object - and they don't do THAT well. Notice they are not the Bureau of WILDLIFE Management. vbg
Sandy Adams
Deep Sands Arabians

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Re: [RC] Wild Horses, SandyDSA