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[RC] first trail ride - Juli Bechard

Today we had a momentous occasion!  Merlin, my next endurance horse, who as of today was on his seventh ride, is now officially a trail horse!!!  I was riding him around the front yard working on the very important walk/woah sequence, when a friend on her TWH pulled into my driveway, noticed who was being ridden and said, come on…let’s take him out!  So, me being either very brave or very stupid, agreed, I told my husband what we were doing, and out we went. 


We went down the driveway, around our front pasture, and then into the forest.  Because of Merlin’s age and riding history, we chose the short route back home. Merlin had no issues at all.  He had one jittery moment when turning into the forest, and other than that, he was alert, but happy as a clam, and fairly relaxed.  He even led about half the ride, and attempted to trot a couple of times, but was quickly informed he was a walking horse right now, and most likely for the next year or so.  He even walked over our little wooden bridge without even looking at it.  All in all, we were out a whole 20 minutes or so.  We came in, untacked, and when when I turned Merlin out, he went running and bucking over to the other horses.  I could just hear him “hey, look at me, I’m a big horse now!!!!!”


Juli and the Herd

Alpine (who was insanely jealous that Merlin got to go out on a trail ride, and yelled from his stall the entire time)

Merlin (who is quickly growing into an awesome little horse)