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Re: [RC] Anhydrosis - Beth Walker

First - just because some horses may not sweat much, it doesn't mean *this* horse doesn't have a problem. ?That said, yes, I have heard about one. ?My friends sisters' horse is a Crabbet Arab, and is now about 23 or so. ?In his younger days, they did some Ride & Ties, and I think some competitive trail. ?This was before I knew them, so this is hearsay. ??However, this horse does not sweat a lot, and according to them, never did sweat much. ??

Now - that said, neither of these ladies are "pedal to the metal" types of riders, so I doubt that they ever rode faster than 5 - 6 mph., even during these competitions. ?Could be why the horse never had a problem. ?

On Apr 24, 2008, at 3:09 PM, jorudo wrote:

Has anyone had experiences of this kind? Do some horses just not sweat, but not be anhydrotic? She's at higher elevation,?and kept blanketed and stalled in the winter, so has little hair. My friend doesn't seem to know about anhydrosis, and blew me off when I mentioned it. I've never had a horse, even in really good shape, that didn't sweat when it was appropriate to. Sometimes they sweat too much, but that's a different story.

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[RC] Anhydrosis, jorudo