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Re: [RC] first Aid lessons - Katrina Mosshammer

We had really good friend lose his horse because of a water moccasin bite back in the early 80s. He was on a moonlight endurance ride and towards the end of the ride the horse started having trouble towards the end of the ride vet could not figure out what the problem was. That was before it was common for horses to be treated at the ride site, especially when the ride was in the middle of nowhere, so they loaded the horse up and took him to their vet at home in the Tulsa Area. By then the bite had become apparent under his chin, but it had been well over 12 hours. Our friend got to thinking about it and earlier in the ride his horse had been drinking in a creek and had all of sudden jerked hi head up out of the water, but it was night so he hadn't seen the snake in the water. I've never forgotten that and I'm always cautious about the snakes in the summer, especially around creeks. And if my horse ever jerks her head up unexpectedly, the first thing I'm going to look for is a snake bite.
Katrina M.

Sent: Thursday, April 24, 2008 9:45 AM
Subject: RE: [RC] first Aid lessons


I would like to know what to do for Rattlesnake bites out on the trail..as I have had one horse bitten, and several close calls. The one that got bitten was fortunately trailered to the vet in time and survived. He was bitten on the nose and needed emergency care to keep the swelling from closing off his airway.

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Date: Thu, 24 Apr 2008 07:07:50 -0700
From: bob1andjohn@xxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [RC] first Aid lessons
To: ridecamp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

What if any general equine first aid lessons would you like to hear, know about, or have learned in all your barn, pasture, trailer time?
I give an informal equine first aid lecture at a community college for an equine science class, and they lesson and talk has become a bit stale.
So if you have any "tricks" or experiences and wished you had "something" on hand in the barn, pasture, trail, trailer.please let me know.
I am not a vet nor profess to know it all, but have some weird things happen. and have some really good tips and uses for items  ( some items have 2 purposes)

[RC] first Aid lessons, DONNA MARIE WINTERS
RE: [RC] first Aid lessons, Ranelle Rubin