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Re: [RC] Speaking of hearts...... - Beth Walker

I would be interested in this, too. ?My old horse, Shadow, tended to average around 120 on level terrain. ? Caisson seems to run around 135 when he is calm. ?On rides, Shadow tended to run about what he did in practice. ?Caisson, on the other hand, will run 160 - 180 on terrain that he should be doing 135. ?He does the same thing in groups: he runs higher in groups than he does alone, even on training rides. ?Makes it really difficult.?

On Apr 23, 2008, at 10:03 AM, Angie Fura wrote:

I'm trying to figure out what a normal?working heart rate is for both of my horses.? I have one?horse, Khasey, who trots out at 99-110 on level, easy terrain.? My other horse, Sabre, will average 120-135 on?the same terrain.? Both are trained and fed the same.? This difference puzzles me.? I try to keep?them under 160?on rides,?both conditioning and competition.? I'm wondering if that number should be different for Sabre, who averages higher.?
Can anyone help me understand what's?driving this difference and?if there?is?anything different I should be doing in my riding program??
For?context, Khasey is thin boned and petite, around 900 pounds.? Sabre is about 1000, but thicker/wider in his?chest and barrel.??

Angie Fura?


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[RC] Speaking of hearts......, Angie Fura