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Re: Fw: [RC] FYI: Get to know your horse's heart - SandyDSA

uh well not exactly. A benign murmur might now have an effect, but the EFFECT on exercise is generally considered to be a result of the root cause of the murmur. In the case of our now old stallion, he suffered from yet another freaky deaky problem when he was in his early teens... endocarditis. It expressed itself in a right hind swelling and slight lameness, and we THOUGHT he might have kicked a rail, though he had NEVER been a kicker of any kind.

Well, within about 24 hours, we had one vet, then two, then half the vet staff of the SFV - shoulda bought pizzas - to listen to the "profound murmur"... and the course of treatment was a round of chemo level antibiotics. I felt like a voodoo princess with all the needles I put in that sweet horse for WEEKS. In the end, after weeks of this, we were told to rehab him slowly, but that we may as well get on and tack walk him since he could just as easily drop dead in his stall. That did NOT mean he could - or EVER could - go back to endurance, because the EC had settled on the cusp of the aortic valve, and so could prove to be fatal at any time. Well, happy to say he did NOT drop dead, which speaks more of his unreal constitution than anything else - and he DID go on to complete a few more LDs. But the bacterium that originally CAUSED the condition was not anything to fool with, and the murmur itself, while not the threat, was an indication of threat. A murmur is an indication of irregular heart behavior and should ALWAYS be checked out - just as with people - "by your doctor before beginning any exercise regime". lol!
Sandy Adams
Deep Sands Arabians

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