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RE: [RC] Endurance rides and rising costs - Jannelle Wilde & Adam Falk

We were talking about this at Grizzly this last weekend.  Here are some
ideas that we either came up with or heard of others doing:

1) In the NW, we don't pre-register much but some of us RMs are starting to
get into it.  So if you pre-register, you get a nice completion award.  If
you don't, you get a certificate unless there are extras.

2) You could discount the ride fee the amount of the award and give a
certificate however, it will only buy you a gallon or two of gas but a
t-shirt lasts forever:).  But SOME folks liked the idea.

3) Some pre-registrations give you up to a $35 discount for pre-registering.
It appeared that for some, that was the key, the bigger discount seemed to
be an incentive.

It is hard to cut costs as an RM w/o the riders' assistance such as
pre-registering, being willing to just ride for a piece of paper or a rock
or???  In the NW, I personally have not seen division awards.  The standard
awards here are completion, top ten, first place, BC, junior 1st place and
BC and then maybe some fun ones like tail-end, middle of the pack, etc etc.
I usually make my top ten, BC and 1st place nicer awards but maybe we cut
back to just completions.  

Here's the thing, you have to have porta potties ($55/each for the weekend),
you have to have vets ($300-$500+/vet and we use 3-4 at most of our rides),
there are the AERC fees, the Forest Service or other land fees, cost of glow
sticks, ribbon, fuel, etc.  And don't forget there's the infrastructure
costs of water troughs, water tanks, ATVs, trailers, etc that you need to
actually put the ride on.  Over time, these things must be replaced and

So, riders, where to cut back?  Not everyone rides for the awards so maybe
everyone gets the completion only???  Having a chuck wagon is nice but is it
financially viable for the chuck wagon to come to the ride if management is
not providing a guarantee on meals?

Yeah, these are pressing questions for a lot of ride managers...


Jannelle Wilde & Adam Falk
584 Romie Howard Rd.
Yoncalla OR 97499
866-241-1531 (toll-free)
www.mfarm.org & www.wildeivey.com

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Another area where I could really save some money would be if I was
conservative ordering T-shirts and actually *risked* running out!  It
crossed my mind that some people who've done this ride over and over
might be happy to get an $8 rebate as a completion award if I happened to
come up short. I bet if I offered that option enough would jump at it
that everyone who wanted their shirt would be sure to get one.


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[RC] Endurance rides and rising costs, rides2far