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[RC] Endurance rides and rising costs - rides2far

We should be having MORE local rides with few frills
to keep costs down. 

This is what I've kinda been hoping will happen. Instead of the "super
rides" with 150+ riders, maybe have 70 riders and everything on a smaller
scale. There are some good trail systems with small camps where we used
to have rides and don't have them any more that could experience a

Carpooling:  I think this could be a BIG PLUS if it happens...you know
last 10 years and it's getting to where some of the old classic ride
sites can't hold the houses you're bringing along, especially if you
bring only one horse in it.

No Frills:  I was making out my list of award catagories and I had an
idea that I believe is a first.  It has to do with weight divisions. In
the past we gave a pretty decent award for first in each weight division,
but there's a heck of a lot of weight divisions these days and when you
do that at every distance that adds up. Even if AERC stays with 5
divisions...what's to stop me from giving a "1st HW/MW  and 1st LW/FW
since most recent studies show there's not *that* much difference.
They're already probably getting top 10 awards, and possibly 1st or BC.
Just a thought. Probably wouldn't be worth trying to explain to
dehydrated riders who are a bit too tired for a discussion of training
theory, etc. But it was a thought.

Another area where I could really save some money would be if I was
conservative ordering T-shirts and actually *risked* running out!  It
crossed my mind that some people who've done this ride over and over
might be happy to get an $8 rebate as a completion award if I happened to
come up short. I bet if I offered that option enough would jump at it
that everyone who wanted their shirt would be sure to get one.

I doubt I'll do any of that stuff but when I wake up at 4 AM staring at
the ceiling worrying about the ride that's the sort of stuff I think

Multi-days just never have caught my interest. They don't fit in my
schedule. My goal isn't just more miles. It's to go see everyone, test my
horse to see how the training is going, and see some new scenery. If I
only get to do 6 or 8 rides a year I'd rather space them out instead of
cram them all in together on the same trainl and then not be able to go
to any more.



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