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[RC] Riding with Gaited Horses for 3 days - Roger Rittenhouse

We spent 4 days last week at a 'multi-day good-ole-boy yahoo ride'.
Of course there were 95 percent gaited horses, a few qtrs, 4 mules (one an arab-mule and one arab :)
Had a blast.

Question for all the 'gaiters' - no Truman NOT FL swamp rats

I watched the walkers doing the big walk and lick.
I saw what I think was a MFT
Then there was a SINGLE-FOOTER.

So - what is the difference. They all moved different.

I wanted to look at some videos of the single footer and MFT. It appears their gaits are different from the Walker - still a 4 beat but it did look different.
Of course some may have been lame :)

There were some 'racking' horses but they looked like the same gait as the Walkers.

So are the foot fall patterns, all the same? Is it just speed differences. The foot falls sounded about the same but they may have been the same type of horse
Some of these really did move on way faster then a slow canter.

So a new education topic - explain the assorted gaits.. find video to see and HEAR the action.

I 'think' I liked the single footer, or MFT.

Omni and Dixie the arab-mule really did NOT care much for the herds coming up behind them at speed. By Sat evening they were sort of use to it.

Of course when we had enough high speed rack-on blow buys, we got off the flat trails and hit the single track rocky rooty trails and had them all to ourself :)

Most of the riders looked at us -ex-endurance riders with an 'attitude' and snicker. :) Heck I am on an arab, wear helmets, half chaps, little endurance saddle, TROT-canter, what do you expect.. add to that also one of those damn Yankees.

And NO I did not ride in the tight shinny pants-- I did see the movie :)

Trails were great, food was great, company was interesting, all quite civil and friendly.

For a good ridin time see EAST FORK STABLES.

Roger R


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