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[RC] Git'R Done 75 & 100 results - Steph Teeter

Git'R Done 100:
These are finish times. For ride time: start was 6AM, 3:30 total hold time
For FEI riders, CoC cutoff time was 10:50pm

Valery Kanavy- Flash Flame-  7:01:09 PM
Kim Fuess- Ben- 7:11:04 PM
Carolyn Hock- GT Sando- 7:28:47 PM
Ann Hall- Bogus Thunder- 7:33:56 PM - Best Condition
Jennifer Niehaus- NH Copper Blaze- 7:33:56 PM
Kiyoshi Ozawa- Sarahs Song- 8:37:10 PM
Shellie Sexton- Always A Star- 9:32:08 PM
Robert Ribley- Oak Hill Vintge Red- 12:31:57 AM
Cathy Scott- LD Monique- 12:31:58 AM
Heidi Helly- Andreti + -4:00:00 AM

Seiichi Hasumi -SMR Fayette Cameo - Lame
Dom Freeman -Marquis de Fad -Lame
Pauline Beach -Paris -RO
Penny McGinnis- Rstar Spirit -Lame
Judy Reems -Streak -RO-L
Jane Smith -Lit'l Miss -Pulled
Charisse Glen- Awesome Lady -Lame
Sinead Devine -Proud Legacy- Lame
Peter Claydon -Knight To Remember -M
Joyce Sousa- Gallanty- M
Hellarie Bachman- Nnotorius- Lame
Tracy Kaden -Faberge PJ -Lame

Git-R Done 75 Start time was 6AM.

Jennifer Sheldon-   Carrtouche CS -  3:37:28 PM
Dale Raymond  -  My Desert Sun  - 4:04:25 PM - Best Condition
Lisa Schneider -    PR Tallyrand   - 5:39:31 PM
Charlie Robinson   - TR Big Enough  -5:39:33 PM
Connie Hughes  -  Prins Abu  -  6:04:00 PM
Marina Bredda  -   Amar Rway   - Completion
Laurie Birch -  Scudd Run  - Completion

Ron Wilkins  -  Chiqita - RO-L
Diane Lindholm  -   Moka   -   M
Betsy Mongrain  - FS Any Question - Lame
Alison Farrin - Sceptre's Statuss  - Lame
Jim Brown   -  Principal Boy -  DNS
Mark Cranmore -  Edisto  -  Lame


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