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RE: [RC] [RC]something Evil?? - Ranelle Rubin

I don't think it turned into something evil at all..just a spirited discussion about only breeding the number of horses you can personally care for (or expect there to be a market for) without depending on someone else...which has turned into another spirited thread about breeding programs in general. I am sure Kim has a very well-thought out breeding program, and I acknowledge him for having the passion to want to preserve what he feels is important. There is nothing wrong with that at all. There is nothing wrong with posting here, and there is nothing wrong with the direction this took on this list. Even if some of us feel it is a bit irresponsible to breed more than you can personally support (you did say he was considering the auction option due to the death of a friend who's land helped support these horses, right?)

I am sure if anyone is looking for that type of horse, they will contact him. If even one horse is saved the possibility of going through an auction with the remote possibility of being purchased by a kill buyer, then would you not agree it was worth it?

Alot of folks did not even know Kim existed. Now they do. Good for you for getting the word out. Don't take it personally.

I have had to learn that lesson on here too...hugs to ya lady!

Courage is being scared to death, but saddling up anyway. ~ John Wayne

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Subject: [RC]
Date: Thu, 3 Apr 2008 09:59:58 -0500


I asked for it?

Why should people have had to take her at other that the “face value” she provided?


I do not know you Lynne, I did not know Ranelle or Karen, but I have being a reader and follower of Ride Camp for many years. I see the posts from these persons and in general I respect all the differing opinions and take the parts that I can use in my personal life and business and apply it for the better.

I truly bothers me that we don’t take persons for face value-why does everything have to be turned into something evil.

In hindsight it was my mistake for the post- when I posted this info it was to show these potential horses to a group of persons who are directly involved with horses that compete and to give them information that Kim was willing to sell them for his bottom dollar to these persons.  In other words a good deal!  In other words he would rather sell them for his bottom price to persons he too respected! 


Lynne you may have counted correctly balls intact- I am not sure I did not count-It is not a sin to have balls intact!  Kim has for over 30 yrs been breeding to preserve the foundation blood of the Mustang Registry- these stallions as I refer to them run in Stud bans-no mares-some and most have not breed a mare!  Is this careless?  No and as I believe Heidi pointed out-if need be and the blood line becomes endangered Kim can pull this Stallion off the shelf and the  blood is there!

Lynne take a moment look at some of the studs and read about them-I am not a Mustang owner-that may surprise you. But all long time ago I fell in love with the American History of this breed.  I think it is or should be each reader and responder of this group to do the research it is how we grow and learn!


Lynne my name is Lynette-I live in central WI.  I and my husband run an overnight horseback adventure business-trail rides-we run a string of Purebred and part-bred Arabians.  We are starting our 28th year.  We started endurance racing in 1975-yes we have been around a bit!  I should have known know to post better!


I privately responded to Ranelle and to Karen because each of them posted that they were glad that I had at least clarified this situation that I started-I was just sick about it!  With one post I felt I may have ruined what Kim took years to build and try to save.  If you would like Lynne I will forward the private post to you or Ranelle or Karen if you would like to share it-please do.









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Annie, she ASKED for it, with this original quote--what were people to think from what she initially WROTE?  Bottom price.  Taking to auction.  Without further info, it is just exactly what fuglyhorse and others who are fed up with "collectors" and fake rescues are on about.  I know I am.  Though my tendency is to research further, why should people have had to take her at other than the "face value" she  =




I count 32 horses with their balls intact on this page: <http://

www.horseheadranch.com/stud%20page.htm>  That is a lot of horses to 

care for, without counting the rest of them.  I can see why natural 

forage is so important.



[RC], wilderness pursuit