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RE: [SPAM] Re: [RC] [RC] Spanish Mustangs - heidi

"Breeding, in my opinion needs to be strictly regulated and controlled from
here on. I personally feel a license should be necessary to breed any
domestic (dogs, cats, horses) animals ~ with penalties for noncompliance. "
"May the Horse be with you"

I do agree, Terry, that folks need to limit their breeding practices.
However, I am also very glad to five in a free country.

THANK YOU, Marirose.  Furthermore, licensing just punishes the responsible 
people--the irresponsible ones don't bother to follow the regulations.

I would add to this that honest-to-goodness preservation breeders (those 
actually striving to preserve genetic traits, not just names in pedigrees) are 
doing a tremendous service to the future of the breed--whatever breed.  Horses 
are not like bellbottom jeans (to paraphrase an excellent editorial by RJ 
Cadranell).  You cannot just put them on the shelf when a key bloodline is "out 
of fashion" and then take them back down in 30 or 40 years when people realize 
their importance once again.  If one does not breed replacements, those genes 
are lost FOREVER.  Not all horses are created equal--thank goodness for 
dedicated breeders who continue to breed (responsibly, certainly) with vision 
and foresight, so that many of the genetic treasures are not lost.



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